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For all Sai Devotees, Dasara is an utmost important day; Sai Baba has left His mortal body for good on Vijayadashami Day – Dasara. But, why did Baba choose this day as His Samadhi Day? Before we get into detail s let’s understand what is the purpose, importance, significance and inner meaning of Dasara Festival.


Dashara Or Dasara

Purpose Of Dashara Or Dasara

"Dashara is the festival that celebrates the victory of the forces of the good over the foes that resist the progress of man towards light. The sages who have decided on these festivals have a high purpose. They want us to imbibe the inner meaning and use each day as a step in Sadhana, as a reminder of the journey, which each person has to undertake alone to the Feet of the Lord. The forces of good (Devas) are combating with the forces of evil (Asuras) in every living being and if they only rely on Mahashakti, the great Divine Force that fosters and fends the universe, they can easily win and reach goal."

Importance Of Dashara

"During the Dashara festival, the three Goddesses- Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati - are worshipped according to certain traditional practices. The tenth day of the festival is celebrated as the victory over devil.

In the Dwapara Yuga, when the Pandavas had to spend one-year incognito, they hid their weapons on the advice of Krishna, in a Jammi tree which is thick in foliage and whose branches are filled with latent fire. Vijayadashami was the day on which they retrieved their weapons from the tree and used them to win victory over the Kauravas."

"In the Treta Yuga, Sri Rama's coronation, after his victorious return to Ayodhya from Lanka, was performed on the Vijayadashami day."

Significance Of Dashara

Today is the Samapti (Conclusion! Festival) of Dasara. It is also the Samapti (conclusion) of the Yajnasaptaha, the seven-Day-Rite of Puja and Parayana. It is also the Samapti Day of the Poorva-avataram, the Samadhi Day of Shirdi Shareeram (Sai Ram). Sam-apti also means attainment of Brahmanandaand on this day you have a chance to the Bliss Indescribable."


Inner Meaning Of Dasara

"The term' Devi' represents the Divine power which has taken the Rajasic form to suppress the forces of evil and protect the Satvic qualities. When the forces of injustice, immorality and untruth have grown to monstrous proportions and are indulging in a death-dance, when selfishness and self-interest are rampant, when men have lost all sense of kindness and compassion, the Atomic principle, assuming
the Form of Shakti, taking on the Rajasic quality, seeks to destroy the evil elements. This is the inner meaning of the Dasara festival."

Why Baba did choose Dasara as His Samadhi Day?

As mentioned above what is the purpose, importance, significance and Inner meaning of Dasara, Baba also wants to remind all of us (people) to win over these evil elements in you by practicing Baba’s preaching’s and advices. Baba has left His moral body and this world on this Day.


Sai Group, Louisville invites you to join with your friends and family in our Dasara celebrations and receive His blessings. See the program below.


Monday, September 28, 2009

5.45 PM – 6.00 PM : Mandap Setting

6.00 PM – 6.15 PM: Sai Pooja, Ashtothra Shatanamavalli, Naam Jap

6.15 PM – 6.45 PM: Lord Vishnu Shasranam Paryanam

6.45 PM – 7.30 PM: Bhajans & Prayanam (Chapters 42, 43 and 44)

7.30 PM – 8.00 PM: Dhoop Aarti

8.00 PM – 8.15 PM: Meditation, Dharshan, Aarti

8.15 PM  - Maha Prasadam Distribution.

Maha Prasadam: Devotees, who would like to sponsor, please visit MahaPrasad Sponsor List for the list of items.  We are expecting around 100 devotees. Please make sure that prasadam doesn’t have onion and garlic.

Volunteers: Any community event will not be successful without help of Volunteers. Sai Group also needs volunteers for Setting Mandap, Prasadam, Maha Prasadam distribution and cleaning. If you are interested, you can email your name and phone number to someone will get in touch with you. Please come forward to help this event and make it successful.