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December Events

Sri Sai Satya Vratam: We are performing Sai Satya Vratam at Hindu Temple of Kentucky. This is a group event and is not sponsored by Hindu Temple, KY. Anyone interested to perform and sponsor Sai Vrata,  please send your details to  specialevents@saibabaky.org or please contact any one of us in the Contact Us page.
When    -  December 12th
Timings - 5PM through 9PM followed by Maha Prasadam. We would like to start the Vratham at 5.30 PM sharp due to timing constraints. All members who would like to perform the Sai Vrath should be in the temple by 5.00PM .
Fee for performing Sai Vrata : $11.00  ()
(Note: This fee covers the priest and temple hall expenses)
Requirements  -
If possible, Members performing the vrath should bring the following
Vastram (Small New cloth or Hand towel).
Members performing the Vrath will be provided with Sai Baba deity (moorthy), so that everyone can do the pooja when priest performing the same on the main deity.
Vrata Sponsor Registration:
Devotees interested in sponsor/perform Shri Sai SatyaVrata please register here. or click below link
Maha Prasad Sponsors
Devotees who just interested in sponsor the Prasadam please click here.
Please contact any from Contact Us Page for further details.
About Sai Satya Vratam:
This vratam is similar to Satyanarayan Vratam, we do ganesha pooja, navagraha, ashtadikh palaka pooja. Instead of satyanaryan ashtothram, abhishekam and stories we do Shirdi Sai Ashtotaram, Abhishekam and stories. Here is the expliantion how Sai Satya Vratam started.

Story Of Sai Vratam

One Bhimaji Patil of Narayanagaon, Taluka Junnar, Dist. Poona, suffered in the year 1909 A.D. from a severe and chronic chest-disease which ultimately developed into Tuberculosis. He tried all sorts of pathos (remedies), but to no effect.Losing all hopes, he ultimately prayed to God - "Oh Lord Narayana, help me now". He was brought to Shirdi and taken to the Masjid, and placed before Baba. Mr. Nanasaheb and Shama (Madhavrao Deshpande) were then present. Baba pointed out that the disease was due to the previous evil karma, and was not at first disposed to interfere. But the patient cried out in despair that he was helpless, and sought refuge in Him, as He was his last hope, and prayed for mercy. Then Baba's heart melted an He said, "Stay, cast off your anxiety, your sufferings have come to an end.The Fakir here is very kind and He will cure the disease, and protect all with love and kindness." The patient vomited blood every five minutes, but there was no vomiting in the presence of Baba. From the time, Baba uttered the words of hope and mercy, the malady took a favorable turn. Baba cured him in two dreams.

Usually many people forget the blessings they received and also forget how there problems got solved. But Bhimaji did not forget how Baba helped him. Baba also did not expect anything from his devotees, but
just grateful remembrance, unchanging faith and devotion. People in the Maharashtra, always celebrate Satya-Narayana Puja in their homes every fortnight or month. But it was this Bhimaji Patil, who started a new Sai Satya-vrata Puja, instead of Satya-Narayana-vrata Puja, in his house, when he returned to his village.

Other Devotees: Below are some other examples devotees who got benefited by doing this Vratam.

A student passed a critical exam, an unemployed got Job and Business Man has been saved from big loss etc etc.