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As more families are showing interest and responsibility to be a part of this group by participating in Bhajan's and Aarti offerings/services to Shri Shirdi Saibaba, we have decided to set up a roster process that helps
every family attain utmost satisfaction and blessings from Shri Shirdi Saibaba. As a part  of this process, a family will be assigned every Thursday,  who will be then  be responsible for setting up pooja mandap, Bhajan's, Aarti and distributing Mahaprasad and cleaning up the place finally. (members will be assisting the family from the time the pooja mandap is set up all the way thru the cleaning process). For pooja procedure details please see the attachement.


Following are required from the family when assigned.

·         Come in at 6:10 PM

·         Flowers/Fruits (Optional)

·         Bring in Prasad (Optional)

No Monetary Contributions/Sponsorship fees are  required or involved from the family to either get into rooster on any assigned  Thursday. To sign-up for the rooster you can fill the  form or please click on Contact US for further details. 
We want to make sure all families are involved and be a part in worshiping Shri  Shirdi Saibaba with utmost satisfaction and receive divine blessings and  grace from the LORD. Please send an Email / Or Contact any from the Contact Us Page.

Bow to Shri SaiBaba!  Peace be to all.


Shri Shirdi Sai Group


Note: In case the family assigned is not able to make it, we request you to call above provided numbers at least 2 hours in advance so that alternate arrangements can be made for conducting Thursday worship.


Shri Shirdi SaiBaba Louisville,
Feb 16, 2009, 11:20 AM